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So now when we have Quake 2 working in VR with the previously mentioned VR MOD, I just had to try it with HD textures and weapon/opponent model enhancements available online. I spent a few hours trying to find the best quality HD textures and finally found some that are really impressive for an old game like Quake II. Seriously, the game looks SO much better with the HD textures and weapon model improvements. I made a new Quake 2 VR video for today, comparing "side-by-side" the best custom. Стоматолог Киев Добро пожаловать всем, кто проявляет заботу о здоровье своих зубов и кому. Game: Quake 4. When logged in, you can choose up to 8 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. Empty favourite. Empty favourite. Empty favourite. Empty favourite. Empty favourite. Empty favourite. Empty favourite. Empty favourite. View all 673 games;. Quake HD Pack supports Quake, Aug 25 2016 Textures 1 comment. Quake HD Pack & Guide is an easy to follow guide + modpack that allow you to setup Ultimate Quake High Definition Experience with least possible Guest Mar 4 2019. This comment is currently awaiting admin approval. This mod by Dafama2k7 increases all texture sizes to 1024x1024 and increases alpha model sizes I made this easy "All-in-One Package" of Quake GVR (GearVR). It basically simplifies the installation process to a few clicks, especially for all the HD content. You should be playing Quake in less than 10 minutes. :) Quake GVR HD Express Install Pack (https://drive.google.com/open?id=1JnKMUSRdUQuIBs5WMgI4CRjHBF7TxGsN) amp#x200B; 1. Get the QGVR APK from github https://github.com/DrBeef/QuakeGVR/releases (https://github.com/DrBeef/QuakeGVR/releases) 2. Install the APK on your phone. Sikkmod is a visual enhancement mod for Quake 4 designed to update the game to a more modern level. Disclosure: I personally believe pc is the superior platform. amp#x200B; Objective: amp#x200B; To help those who are considering to switch from PC gaming to console gaming and vice versa. amp#x200B; To have a rational discussion about pros and cons about PC and console gaming and end this debate forever. It’s time we have a good discussion about this rather screaming ‘pc master race’ on every forum(I am looking at those youtube commenters). amp#x200B; YouTube TV - No long term contract Loading. Live TV from 60+ channels. No cable No thanks Try it free. Find out why Close. Quake 4 - Graphics Issues (low textures) - Solution RevanQ4. Loading. Unsubscribe from RevanQ4? Cancel Unsubscribe. Working. Subscribe Subscribed. Workplace pic (https://i.imgur.com/bi000MD.jpg) TL;DR: No problems on Windows or Linux-based distros if you use them exclusively, some problems on dualboot caused by Windows, Wayland based DEs work very well but with poor AMD GPU performance. Overall performance is very good, as is build quality. I got my E480 in November, and I think I've used it enough to form a decent opinion. It looks like E490 is going to be the more or less the same laptop with a negligible CPU update, so the review. Quake series Quake 4 Low Res Texture Fix (45 posts) (45 posts) (45 posts) Pages: 1. 2. 3. Quake 4 has issues on modern graphics cards with more than 1 Gb VRAM, it looks terrible even with Ultra Textures and 1080p resolution. Video Guide from VHS https://youtu.be/xz-TUDDhWvw Just install quakespasm on your PC, copy fishbiters VR mod, over and that's it. VHS has a link to HD Textures that will work with the quakespasm engine. Even AD Arcane Dimensions work (Never could get it running on the gear vr version) Btw: Still Quake GVR is the nicest looking version cause of the DP Engine used. Edit: Still trying to figure out how to get coop and deathmatch running together with quake gear vr. Would be awesome i made this thread to share HD textures i made for some of my favourite SP maps and episodes. will enjoy replaying these amazing maps in full HD glory! NOTE: all of these texture-packs require the texture-packs for quake AND both mission-packs 4 days ago. Arcane Dimensions -HD overhaul. Updated: (cleaned up, new info) After many hours of fiddling with QuakeVR for GO; I stumbled upon the magic command that allows Quake VR to 60fps everywhere on the GO with detail hd texture/player models mods in effect. It has a caveat however; it sets the in game brightness to max everywhere! But, not only does this make Quake playable on the Go it may additionally improve overall comfort for some Anyways, here it is. amp#x200B; All you have to do is add; "r\_fullbright" "1" amp#x2. Lets take a look at how to get the HD texture pack to work with Quake 1. It's a pretty simple process, and we'll go step-by-step. Link to the files on ModDB. Can someone make this please? Thief or Thief 2 would be the coolest game on GearVR since you're sneaking around in the dark. The games already have a great atmosphere that would really lend itself well to VR space. I think the graphics are outdated enough a phone could run the game with some HD texture packs, kind of like Quake GVR. The Gear controller could be used to move the sword or blackjack in combat. Computery people. make it happen. May 4, 2014 @ 2:08pm What is the Best HD Texture Pack out there? Quake HD Remastered looks better but it runs erraticly on my rig. No new textures. "Quake HD" and "Quake Epsilon" include DarkPlaces, music. # UPDATE: Most of these HD Mods are already included in the All-in-one-Express-Install-Pack. -gt See sticky post. No need to download most of this below. amp#x200B; I made an easy to use Quake HD content pack which will work great with QGVR. Download at the very end of this post. Monsters HD Improved weapons HD Qreforged Skin-pack HD (This version works with QGVR, taken from seven's small mod compilation) Original Quake Music from NIN (thanks to reddit /u/ \_ QUAKE\_ ) Original. i made this thread to share HD textures i made for some of my favourite SP maps and episodes. hope you all will enjoy the texture-packs and will enjoy replaying. Whats the recommended config? I have an S8+ GearVR but I bought a GO to replace it however, i've noticed a performance hit with the same config on the GO Now my Quake has got hd texture applied throughout. removing them all and adding quake --supersampling 1.2 --cpu 4 --gpu 4 to commandline.txt helped improve performance, any other recommendations? amp#x200B; Figured it out, solution is here for Go; https://www.reddit.com/r/OculusGo/comments/a112iq/quake\_vr\_60fps\_and\_supersampling\_. For Quake 4 on the PC, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Textures are very low res even in ultra quality settings.". Hello. When playing other games the scenario appears to load faster because the scenario is static and stored on the HD and only the variables (characters, objects, etc) are constantly loaded from the internet. As an example, think of Counter Strike and Quake: the scenarios are pre-stored on the HD, thus the internet connection is used basically for the moving elements as characters, objects and chat. I'm not a computer expert, but when playing Second Life it feels like the scenario is constan. Namely, whatever I set the graphics quality to, when I start playing the textures look like they are very low res. Forums. Search Forums; Quake 4 low-res texture problem Discussion in 'General Gaming i set the Application settings for Quake 4 in nVidia's driver to Quality. I wrote a small blog post about handling game assets if you want to implement mod support. I thought this might interest some people on here. This post is also available on my blog (https://m-decoster.github.io/2018/07/22/mod-support-zip/). --- Before they were driven to near-extinction by microtransactions, mythical creatures called "Modders" used to roam the internet, handing out extra content for games for free. In this blog post, we will go over an ingenious system Looking for a graphical update to Quake 3? Check out this new texture pack from Paul Marshall (aka Kpax). It replaces the original textures in Quake 3 with high-resolution versions, and it is licensed under the creative commons. I'm looking for something particular. Basically a texture pack that replaces vanilla textures with more frightening textures but not inaccurate. E.g. if the original was intended to be a computer screen in the original map, it shouldn't all of a sudden become intestines. Scary maybe but if the map author intended me to find a computer room, I shouldn't pass it up thinking it's a flesh room or something. Again, continuing with the example, so if you have something better in mind please suggest. retexturing and reskinning of quake game and expansions textures. Long story short, I'm a Mac guy with no android phone. I have VMware with Windows on my Mac and still couldn't get it to work. So I found a way to use only my mac to sideload APK's and I figured I'd share my knowledge. I used this to install QuakeVR which I will say it probably the best FPS you can play on here, I'm impressed to say the least. You will need to create a Oculus developer account first just like the other guides mention to be able to enable developer mode via Oculus Quake Map textures v. 1.00 Item textures v. 0.73. Quake MP1: Scourge of Armagon Map textures v. 1.00. N/A. Quake MP2: Dissolution of Eternity Map textures v. 1.00. © Quake Revitalization/Retexturing/Remodeling Project 2002-2016. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ So, let me start this by defining "Minimum Specifications". For the sake of consistency and to reach as many different people with as many different systems as possible, I'm going to be using Three Tiers of Specifications. Now, counter to PCMR tradition, these will not be Entry builds, mid-range builds, and enthusiast builds, but rather VERY low tier. All games will run on Windows (Quake 1 HD touch, Quake 2 touch, Quake 2 HD android, Quake 3 HD touch, Game скачать Half-Life +Hi-res textures с кэшем. yesterday at 4:24 pm. Actions. Report. ТЫЖпрограммист. #381.78 Hotfix Released: https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/65fe41/geforce_hotfix_driver_version_38178/ --- # Driver version 381.65 has been released. This is to support Windows 10 Creators Update and the Newly Released Titan Xp. This is also WDDM 2.2 driver. # Performance Benchmark is up!! --- # Please post any discussion about this driver here. Also, I highly recommend using DDU (https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/wiki/index) to wipe the current driver prior to installing the latest. Обсудить HD текстуры для Doom в Rock Hagman к Мод интерфейса NC HUD 2.4.0 для Doom: Quake Half-Life Counter-Strike. I've worked with blender somewhat in the past, but it's been so long I have forgotten most of the keyboard shortcuts and workflows. I've tried walking through the tutorials online, but they've all been really vague or painfully simple. I'm trying to create a really simple style similar to \ this footage of HD textured Quake\ ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcp--J3hp\_Qampt=2439s (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tcp--J3hp_Qampt=2439s)). The way I am attempting it so far is creating really. At last, 4 years after we started the Mission Pack 2 sub project and 20 years on the day since Quake was released, we can finally reveal: The MP2 textures Source (https://forums.warframe.com/topic/618642-update-185-sands-of-inaros-%C2%A0/) Red text (https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/48yjv4/185_red_text/)^(courtesy of /u/Midnaspet) # SANDS OF INAROS ( gt Bundle available for 795 platinum! ( Includes gt Inaros Inaros Anubis alternate helmet Dual Toxocyst infested secondary Mutalist Cernos infested primary Lesion infested melee Abrasys syandan ^(NOT the concl. Quake 1 Textures: All of the custom textures I have created for my maps, both Deathmatch and Single Player, are composed into these various. Although I have nothing against the current gen games, and frankly prefer it more to the previous gen (hooray to return of immersive sims and old school fps), I like to return from time to time to the games of my childhood, especially to some missed gems, that I din't pick up then. The sad part is, every time I get back to that era the contrast gets more and more daunting, and it feels less and less like how a felt about the games back in the day. Well, I just though that's the aging of games. Hey. Is it just me, or do some textures look very crappy on some levels? I'm currently running on High, but to be honest the textures https://www.dropbox.com/s/mbnu04xwweddija/Quake%202%20VR.rar?dl=0 How to Install: Just insert your pak0.pak file from your Quake 2 copy into the baseq2 folder and if you want to play the addons, just add their pak0.pak files into their corresponding folders (rogue, xatrix, zaero) this is the compiled (thanks to 9names) and preconfigured Version from mscoder610 with HD textures, Soundtrack, Videos and tweaked settings. https://github.com/q2vr/quake2vr/tree/libovr-1.xx Quake Well, now that the brightness and the other bugs have been fixed, I am setting off to get the textures and such upgraded in Yamagi Quake 2 on OS X. I downloaded the one from the readme for the textures and it works perfect gt TL;DR: Will only improve performance and not the graphics like with HD mode. Uses graphics card over CPU to render. Can be toggled on or off. ____ ###Introduction Hello everyone. Today, I am here to once again push for an update to the engine to support hardware rendering through OpenGL. This is different than HD mode whereas the only thing that will be changed is how graphics are rendered on your client rather than the models, landscapes, and textures are rendered Hi everyone. I've just started playing Quake again for the first time in years. I heard there is a really big modding and map building community for this game now. I've even seen HD textures on YouTube. Which is the best website to get cool stuff for the game these days? Thanks. Quake 1 Remake and HD texture mods corepack. Can someone help me compiling the new version of Quake 2 VR for the CV1 with Visual Studio 2012? https://github.com/q2vr/quake2vr/tree/libovr-1.xx I always get the error 1181 for libovr.lib, even though I added the Oculus 1.12 SDK to the external folder just like the building guide (https://github.com/q2vr/quake2vr/wiki/Build-Instructions) says. Thanks in advance! Update: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-GRvVJXQq8CRlp6Uk44a3J1WU0 I managed to build it via Visual Studio 4 views five days ago. YouTube 21:39. Quake 2. Quad touch. Zaero. Android. Mission 1. Quake 3 Draiv HD Игры Quake для ANDROIDA. QII4A - Quake 2 HD for Android, Hi-res textures. Quake 3 Draiv HD Игры Quake для ANDROIDA. 13 views one year ago. YouTube. gtDoom 1 and 2 (Progress: Perfected) - zDoom/gzDoom - Rock-solid source port with tons of features, supports most mods, though some lament that it deviates too far from the vanilla experience and presentation due to certain additions that can't be disabled (such as blood on the walls), and should be used strictly for modern mods; but if you're a veteran looking for something different or want to dive straight-into the map/mod scene, this is where you want to go; fair warning though, zDoom's. quake textures, quake textures download, quake textures for doom, quake textures wad, tf2 quake textures, making quake textures, quake 3 no textures, quake no textures, quake 2 hd textures, quake champions ultra textures, quake hd textures, quake 2 textures, quake 4 textures, quake 3 textures. One of the best game on GVR and FREE, is classic Quake! Works perfect with bt controller, has good graphic (hd textures), support coop with other buddy in VR + classic DM and ofcourse, plenty high quality mods and mappacks for FREE. But where are the others classic games? Im really disappointed, there is no good port of Doom with 3D environment for lookin up/down. Licensed under the creative commons, this package is from the artist Paul Marshall (aka Kpax.) It replaces the textures from Quake 3 with new high-resolution textures. Download now: xcsv_hires.zip (179MB) Follow ioquake3. Twitter; Facebook. A free client provided by id allows Quake 4 to be played natively on Linux machines. Use Quake 4 Tweaker. 4K Ultra HD ↑ How to fix the low-resolution textures issue in Steam :: Quake 4 General Discussions Categories: Windows; Linux;. Find all the latest Quake 4 PC game mods on GameWatcher.com. Quake series QUAKE 3 ARENA HD RESOLUTION + TEXTURE PACK + SMALL FIXES ( LINKS INSIDE ) (28 posts) (28 posts) (28 posts) 4. Click on the wrapper, click install software. This does indeed work with the Hi-Res textures. Oh, and by the way: the Catch-The-Chicken mod sitting in the Windows.